What We Leave Behind

by Great Lakes



released November 24, 2013

Engineered by Chris Cosentino at Citadel Studio.
Mixed by Jordan Valeriote at Sundown Studio.
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering.



all rights reserved


Great Lakes Toronto, Ontario

Canadian heavy tunes.

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Track Name: Home

I was lost when you gained my trust,
You took me under your wing.
I am broken, I am beaten, I followed the path you paved.
You controlled the way; you made me dig my own grave.

I've fallen down, but you promised…
(This raging torrent, it cuts like a knife)
…I'd make it home alive.

I believed in every word.
Swallow your fucking tongue.

You promised I’d make it home,
You said I'd make it home alive.

You’re as crooked as the life that you lead,
You lived by the shortcuts you made.
The grass is grey and the streets are paved
In the blood of the innocent lives you betrayed.

This path is broken, desolate you made it.
Doomed to live by the shortcuts you've made.
This path is broken, desolate you made it.
Swallow your fucking tongue.

And now I find myself at a road that’s divided,
And I’m scared of the choice that I'll make.

If I ever find my way back,
I still won’t know if this was worth it.

I know the way back home,
But if I’m never on time then I can never show you how
I plan to make it there.
I'm sorry I fucked up, and now I walk this path alone.
If I ever make it there, I still won’t know if it was worth it.

I'm lost, I'm broken, but I will find a way.

Swallow your tongue.
Swallow your fucking tongue.
Track Name: Dead Trees

I am constantly surrounded
By people who never inspire me,
I am constantly struggling
To keep my head above this negativity.

All that I have,
And all that I am,
Has nothing in common with the common man.

I will continue to live on my own terms,
Even if I’m forced to walk alone.

All of these people,
Who claim they’re my friend,
Keep dragging me down until the bitter end.

Hollow bodies and hollow minds,
Wandering aimlessly through this life.

I will never return to the man I used to be,
When I find myself, I pray that she stands there with me.
I know that it’s right but still I pray that I never grow weary
From the touch of your skin and the taste of your lips.

Mindless drones doing all that they’re told,
A promise of freedom that will never uphold.

This isn’t all of me.

I will not be the one to cower,
In a world where dead trees tower.

I refuse to live this lie.
I refuse to lay down and die.

I will continue to grow,
I still have life inside of me.
I will continue to live,
Even if I’m forced to walk alone.

I will continue to live on my own terms.
Track Name: What We Leave Behind

This is the kingdom of hell,
And it is safe to say that I have yet to live,
Fighting for nothing, this battle cannot be won.
But now I know exactly where I belong,
And I will leave my mark.

You will remember this face.
It’s time to stand up for who we are.

For those who try,
For those who fight,
It’s not about what you take with you,
It’s what you leave behind.

Forget who you were before,
Nothing is what it seems.
Forget who you were before,
You’re exactly where you need to be.

Stand up.
This is the dawn of a new crown.
Stand up.
You won’t find a king here.
Stand up.
Get off your knees.
From now on, we will bow to no one.

Cast out, we’re swimming on from here,
We will flow with the current, or drown in the tide.
We will bring ocean to shore,
And we will make waves.

This is the kingdom of hell.
This is an army of hell raisers.

Burn the throne.
Stand up and fight.

How many times will I fall, before I learn to land on my feet?
I will forget who I was; I am exactly where I need to be.