Broken World

by Great Lakes

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released August 28, 2016

Produced by Great Lakes & Colin Parrish
Recorded by Great Lakes
Mixed by Colin Parrish
Mastered by Troy Glessner


all rights reserved



Great Lakes Toronto, Ontario

Canadian heavy tunes.

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Track Name: Broken World
I watch the world break a little more every day,
But I’m still pushing forward, and this world is where I want to stay.
Track Name: Sink or Swim
I’ve had enough.

Your ignorance makes me sick to my stomach.
I’m done pretending to respect who you are.
Perfectly content in your selfish ways,
By association you slander my name.

I try to run, but I’m kicking up dust.
It fills my lungs, and I'm coughing up blood.

I am drowning in my blood.

Who do you follow with no one to trust?
What to believe when god has abandoned us?
Where do we go? We’ve sunk so low.

In the history of time and space,
Nothing’s caused more pain than the human race.
We’ve destroyed our planet, we’ve become a disgrace,
I am ashamed, I fucking hate this place.

I fucking hate this place.

Stare at the sun. Blind my eyes because I am done,
I no longer want to see the pain and suffering caused by humanity.
This is the end. Burn my body, and I will transcend.
Bid farewell, gather my ashes and throw them to the wind.

Bid farewell, I’ll see you in hell my friend.
Track Name: Shadows
We stand in the shadows, we will never let this go.

If poverty gives birth to revolution and crime,
Then we’re already fathers ahead of our time.

Revolutions will start if were kept in the dark,
So keep building up monuments that overshadow us.

We thrive in the darkness,
We feed off all you oppress,
We’re immune to your lies,
Fuck this country you bless.

Don’t fade out, we’re always looking for another way out,
No longer do we have to fall and stay down, and disappear for days again.

Tell me big brother, If you can see it all,
How can you just sit back and watch your people fall?

You’re no fucking brother of mine.

Don’t fade out, don’t stay down.
Track Name: Lawless
Flashing lights, sirens sound,
Get on the fucking ground.

Run wild, run free,
We don’t need your authority.
Run wild, run free,
Take back these fucking streets.

How can you uphold the law,
When you live so far above it?
Losing sight of whats real, what’s true,
But the blame never falls on you.

Such a saint when the cameras roll,
Every day you still get exposed.
You call this freedom?
We call it caged.
You call this reason?
We call it rage.

I no longer feel safe and sound,
Told to keep my mouth shut, and keep my head down.
Bring back the days when making a difference,
Wasn’t just an idea met with spite and resistance.

How did we get so far away from where we were before?
You call this democracy? I see through your hypocrisy.

I’ve got something to say, so they want to lock me away.

If tomorrow isn’t something we live to see,
I’ll know in my head, in my heart, I was free.

If this is the land of the free, why can’t I say what’s inside me?
Track Name: Chrysalid
Every day, I struggle just to lift my head,
To face this life, suppress this hatred.
Peace has become a distant blur,
Fear fills me up inside over and over.
My insecurities, they get the best of me,
So deep inside my head, I can't believe I'll be set free,
My insecurities, they get the best of me,
Constantly surrounded by a beauty that I'll never see.

I am nothing more than a maggot in a fucking swarm.
One and the same, un-unique, filthy and fucking weak.
Writhing in rot and decay, feeding on death day after day,
Mummify my body alive, I'm no longer willing to live this lie.

All that I want is to curl up and hide,
Shelter myself from the outside.
Wrap up my body inside a cocoon,
My wings will grow out one day soon.

I will shed my skin,
I will breathe again.

I crawl beneath those who soar above me,
Wishing for wings so I can set myself free.
I am bound by fear disguised as comfort,
Help me find the strength to end this misery.

I know I'm nothing compared to you,
I idolize everything that you do,
But giving up is no excuse,
Because If I'm nothing I've got nothing to lose.

I will not be torn apart when I re-emerge from the dark.
Track Name: I Am Alive
I’ve seen enough death,
I’ve seen enough to know nothing lasts forever.
Bring on my last breath, because I don’t fear the end,
But I am terrified of regret.

I don’t fear or regret the mistakes that I’ve made,
I’m afraid of the moments that pass by.
I’ve let time slip away by the hour and the day,
I can’t forget that I’m still alive.

I will fall apart in my own head.

I refuse to change or rearrange my priorities.
So here I stand, a broken man,
My heart exposed, my life upside down.

I’m holding myself back from all I can be,
I’m only living my dreams while I’m falling asleep.

You’ll sleep when you’re dead, so wake the fuck up.

So here I stand a broken man with my heart on my sleeve.
And my life turned upside down.
Track Name: Change Yourself
Don’t say these words don’t matter,
Because I know you’ll sing them again.
Don’t say these hearts grows weaker,
Because this love is all we have in the end.

Step back.
We’re all the same, tired and frustrated,
Always placing the blame.
Clinging to our hatred, barely living,
And we live in recession, with no hope for progression.

How can you stare evil in the eye,
When you can’t even look at your own reflection?
You need to step up, you’re living through your mistakes,
You need to stand up and make a fucking difference.

You sit back and watch the world through your screen,
Judging everything that doesn’t fit your routine.
You’re spending your days in anger,
You’re giving your life away.

Wake up.
The words you say,
They won’t mean a goddamn thing,
If you’re unwilling to make a change.

We’re all the same,
We’re tired and we’re frustrated.
It shouldn’t be this hard to be yourself.
We’re barely feeling, living in recession,
With nobody to blame.

You sit and judge every single day,
But your reflection never goes away.
You sit and judge every word I say,
But your reflection, it never goes away.

Shut your mouth and open your eyes,
The world is falling apart at the wayside.

We need to take a step back,
And see ourselves for what we are.

It’s time to face your greatest fear,
Take a look at yourself, face first in the mirror.
We’re never going to make a difference,
We’re wasting away our own existence.

Am I strong enough yet?
Track Name: Hate Preacher
Fuck you and those who listen.

Build your wall so we can break it down,
One against a thousand, all ten rounds,
Drop your gloves, hold up your dreams,
You’ll be alone in all your beliefs.

Take off your mask, show us your face,
You’ve got the head of a wolf and the heart of a snake.

Hate preacher, you’re nothing new,
You turn fear in to revenue.
Propaganda, tried and trusted,
Your own mother is fucking disgusted.

Hate preacher, you’re nothing new,
Hate preacher, I’m fucking through with you.

Caught up inside your lonely head,
Trying to make the world great again,
Broken and you can’t fix it,
Fuck you and those who listen.

Hungry for power, never getting your fill,
You’re out on the hunt, and in for the kill.
You’ll murder us all if that’s what it takes,
To put another vote on your fucking plate.

All you’ve done is make me lose hope,
You’ve convinced me this system is a fucking joke.

This system is a fucking joke.
Track Name: Mandala
We take nothing away and we put nothing back,
We stand in the light and we lay in the black.
Bones shatter, skin tears, hearts break,
Rain will fall and the earth will shake.

And still life carries on, the morning comes even when you’re gone,
Our species wiped away and the sun still rises every day.

I want to show you how to live after I’m gone,
I want to show you how to live because life goes on.

I watch the world break a little more every day,
But I’m still pushing forward, and this world is where I want to stay.

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